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Our roses come all the way from Ecuador & are a very naturally sourced luxury product. We personally selected our signature rose that is grown exclusively for our boutique. There are a few companies providing a similar product, but none will ever have our rose. 

“Saison Des Roses” translates “Season Of Roses” in french. Luxe Roses That Last Four Seasons! With minimal upkeep your arrangements can last well over a year! The best part is they require no water.

In a state where that is such a valuable resource, you are not compromised for wanting a luxury arrangement of roses in your home, social, and business environments. Our roses can be customized to suit all your lifestyle and aesthetic design needs.

We are happy to announce our showroom is opening publicly this weekend just a few days ..before Valentine’s Day. In hopes to be more connected and present with our local communities. Stay tune for a new approach on all social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and our website launching soon! 

Pick up at our Del Mar boutique and Delivery Available. 
We currently do not ship at the moment.

Limited Collection

“De Luxe Hearts”

Designed by Paris and handcrafted in Europe made with Luxuriant velvet. Only thirty were brought back to Del Mar, CA Rouge Romance De Luxe Heart with Blanc Roses. Rouge Romance De Luxe Heart with Rouge Roses.

Medium Heart 19-21    Roses       300.00
Large Heart     28-30    Roses       475.00

“Paris Pink”

This hue of pink is the color of universal love. The perfect blend of Purity and Happiness.

Medium Square 9 Roses  140.00
Large Square 16 Roses   250.00

“Coco Collection”

Coco Blanc & Coco Noir 
An Elegant and Modern Timeless Collection. Inspired by the classic fashion and beauty that is Paris, France 

The boxes are handcrafted and wrapped in a luxurious paper that is sensual, stylish, and stunning. 

Petite XO 4 Roses              75.00
Medium Round 26 Roses         400.00
Large Round 34 Roses               500.00 

“The Saison Rose Collection”

This collection defines the true meaning of “Actions speak louder than words…”
A thoughtful gesture that will leave a lasting impression for Seasons to come.

Round box holds one “Single Rose”.  40.00

Special Note… Roses count may very due to size.